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Soumya Ranjan Mohanty

Soumya Ranjan Mohanty

A fullstack software developer and a Google Mobile & Web Specialist

Who I am

Hi, you!
I am Soumya Ranjan Mohanty, a Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist, Google India Scholar, a full-stack web developer and entrepreneur. I completed my BTech. in Computer Science Engineering at IIIT Bhubaneswar .
I love coding and participating in hackathons. I have knowledge of various web technologies and have build many projects.
I love writing and I maintain a blog where I write about tech.

My Skills and Expertise







Express JS






React Native


Gatsby JS


Web Scraping



Education and Experience

My Education

  • B Tech. Degree2016 - 2020
    College - IIIT Bhubaneswar.
    B Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Higher Secondary Education2013 - 2015
    School - Chinmaya Vidyalaya (E.M.), Rourkela.
    Completed my +2 Education in thescience stream from the same school.
  • Secondary Education2013
    School - Chinmaya Vidyalaya (E.M.), Rourkela.
    Studied the academics and learnt life values in aschool with a difference (S.W.A.D).

My Experience

For updated experience info, checkout my Linkedin.
  • Web MasterAug 2018 - Present
    ACM IIIT-Bh Chapter.
    Started working as web master of ACM IIIT-Bh chapter. I handle all web related matters of the chapter.
  • Front End DeveloperJun 2018 - Aug 2018
    Company -Koyofea.
    Worked as a Front end Developer. Created the frontend using React.JS with Redux. Made use of the APIs created by the backend team to create the frontend of the app.
  • Product Development InternDec 2017 - Feb 2018
    Company -Hasura.
    Worked as a Product Development Intern in Hasura. Made a web site using Node.Js and React.JS with Hasura APIs. Also, came to know about Kubernetes, Ingress and other technologies.
    Won the Pub2Hub Challenge by making cool chatbots.
  • Writer at CodeburstDec 2017 - Present

    I write technical articles on Codeburst.io , mainly focussed on web development.
    Codeburst is an online publication that showcases web development articles and tutorials from writers all over the world.

Certifications and Trainings

My Certifications

For updated certifications, checkout my Linkedin .

Participation in 2-day hackathon and Git workshop

I participated in a 2-day open source hackathon & workshop on Git and Github on the occasion of Hacktoberfest.

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Distinguished Fellow at Hasura

Awarded the Hasura Distingished fellow - High Performer certificate in Hasura Product Development Fellowship. The award recognizes superior performance from fellows who also went above & beyond the call of duty by helping & encouraging others in the program.

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Introduction to Modern Application Development

This is India's largest MOOC jointly conducted by IIT Madras and Hasura Technologies, in partnership with NASSCOM. Certificate of completion is offered by IIT Madras. I successfully completed the course and got a score of 87% in the NPTEL exam thereby, getting selected in Hasura Product Development Fellowship.

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National Programming Aptitude Test (NPAT)

NPAT is a coding competition conducted by NPTEL (a project by IITs and IISc) in collaboration with ACM India and Google. NPAT is a self-assessment on programming.

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Network Management Course

This was a course on Network Management conducted by Nettech at IIT KGP. Certificate of completion is offered by IIT Kharagpur.

Projects Showcase

Projects done by me

For updated projects, checkout my Linkedin and my GitHub.

Electron Crypto Currency Tracker
Official Website of IIIT Tech Society

The official website of IIIT Bhubaneswar Tech Society made using React.JS

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Electron Crypto Currency Tracker
Electron Crypto Currency Tracker

Native desktop app that displays current price of crypto currency and alerts user when a specified value is crossed. Works on Windows + Linux + Mac OSX

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E-bloodbank is a convenient way to connect blood donors to blood recipients. It is an application which lists blood donors and recipients and connect them according to blood groups. Blood acceptors can find appropriate blood donors along with their contact information and geolocation.

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I and my teammate made an e-election app that allows users to conduct an election for a given post. For each post, users would be able to nominate themselves as candidates and the users should be able to vote for one of them.

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Facebook Real-Time Weather Bot

This is a Weather bot on facebook messenger using Node.JS, which when given a city/place name replies back with the current weather condition and temperatures in °C and °F.

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Facebook Game of Thrones Bot

This is a fun bot built on Node.JS for all the Game of Thrones fans out there. It will show info on characters, houses and can also display a random GOT quote, when asked.

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Twitter Retweet/Follow/Like Bot

A twitter bot built on Node.JS . It favorites, retweets recent tweets about a particular keyword(s) and also follows the user who tweets about them.

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Twitter UI Clone

This is a clone of the twitter website UI. It is created using React.JS and material-ui. The timeline page and the search page is cloned.

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Attendance Manager

Attendance Manager is built using Node JS in server side, Postgres as database, and HTML CSS Bootstrap in front-end. It records the attendance in each subject. It displays the percentage of classes in which the user is present day-wise and subject-wise.

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Blood Group Database of Odisha using C++ OOP

This is a blood group database for the state of Odisha using C++ Object Oriented Programming. Added positions of users as admins, staffs and donors. Provided methods to add citizen details like full name, age, blood group etc. Added login functionality for admin and staff. Provided search functions to search donors by blood group and city. Users could login and interact via console.

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Linux From Scratch

Completed the Linux From Scratch project in 3 weeks time. Understood Linux system fundamentals and built a Linux operating system from scratch upward. LFS version used was 8.0. LFS ID : 26894

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