HPDF Journey: Twitter Clone

HPDF Journey: Twitter Clone

Dec 5, 2017


I took the Introduction to Modern Application Development course which was being jointly offered by IIT Madras and Hasura. I was new to web development and app development. But I grasped all the concepts taught to us in the 8 week course quite easily, thanks to the amazing teaching style of Tanmai Sir along with others, while doing a handful of practical exercises.
An NPTEL online exam was held and top 5%(~400) students were selected for the Hasura Product Development Fellowship. And to my joy, I was also selected for the fellowship as I was in top 2%.
We were allotted Front End and Back End Technologies to work on. I got Front End (React) which I had given as my preference. I was quite interested in learning a frontend library which was completely new to me.
I got the first task to create the twitter main timeline page and twitter search results page, using material-ui. At first, it was quite difficult for me to get hold of JSX.
But slowly, I understood it by following various tutorials online and researching on my own (StackOverflow and Google are your friends!). Then came the part of using material-ui. I was quite amazed by the material design and became used to the library quite easily thanks to its good documentation.
I was able to complete the task on time and this is the final result.
notion image
notion image
Final Result
We were then divided into teams of 3 and given projects to complete.
I won the Pub2Hub challenge held during the programme. Finally, I successfully completed my project and was awarded the “Distinguished High Performer” award.

Happy Coding! 👨‍💻

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